Monday, October 08, 2012

Weight Loss--Finally!

In my final December post, I mentioned that I intended to lose ten pounds by the end of January. I'm happy to report that I did, and have gone on to lose about twenty more pounds. In all, I've gone from weight hovering near 170 poundds to weight hovering near 140. I haven't been this "light" in years.

All is not perfect. I have lots of skin hanging on my arms, and my big stomach never disappears no matter what. I guess this is old age. I srtill intend to lose ten moire pounds, and that's it. 125 to 130 is an ideal weight for me, and I'll have to live with the hanging skin and the big stomach. If there's a warning here, it is to lose the extra weight before the age of 79 or 80!

My diet has been mostly the Atkins high protein diet. I've varied it occasionally, and allowed myself one dessert per week and an occasional treat, but I don't eat much. For the most part, I stay out of our gourmet dining room and eat in my apartment. My physical condition doesn't allow for much exercise (more on thaat later).

To all of you struggling with weight (as I've done my whole life), I can't recommend myself as much of a role model. I can't resist good food when it's in front of me, so dieting has been a lonely operation. It suits my loner nature, fortunately. Basically, I guess my advice is to learn to eat a lot less, and exercise more, if possible.

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Gene said...

I am happy to see you blvaogging again.
Ah, eat a lot less. I think it must be easier if one is able to eat alone. When one is the cook for a family there are so many temptations. I congratulate you and will try to do as you say. Maybe if I talk a lot they won't notice I'm not eating? lol