Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home, Sweet High-rise

My high-rise home, The Clare at Water Tower.

Today's Chicago Tribune featured an article, "What's new in high-rise buildings: A Skyscraper designed for seniors," by Tribune critic Blair Kamin. This photo accompanied the article.

For more exterior photos, go to


Suzanne said...

Hi! First of all, congratulations on your new home; may it mark a start of a new chapter in your life!

My name is Suzanne, and I'm a 25 year old from Singapore. I am currently doing some personal research on senior living, which is a concept that is practically unheard of here in Singapore. Although retirement residences are popping up slowly in Asia (in Japan they are well established but not anywhere else), the rate of building these establishments is appalling for fast aging countries like ours. Singapore is the 3rd fastest aging country in the world, yet nothing is being done for our seniors!

I am convinced of the imminent rise in the senior living industry here in Asia, and thus am working on a business plan to bring retirement residences to Singapore. Unfortunately, as there are no precedents to look at here, I'm hoping to learn from anyone who has experience in this area who will be keen to be a part of my project.

Will you be willing to help me on this? Your experience, opinions and advice will be invaluable to my project.

Best regards,

seniorwriter said...

Thank you, Suzanne. I'll help if I can, but I've not done much studying of senior residences, and I know nothing of conditions in Singapore (I've been to Asia, but never to Singapore). I can speak only from personal experience.


Computer Clarity © 2004 said...

Hi Marlys
You've been through a lot of stress lately. Give yourself time and by Spring you'll be so glad for all you've survived in this double-whammy of health & moving.

Best regards,
Helen Gallagher

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Helen. Things are getting better!


Lydia said...

The title of this post is perfect and it sure is nice seeing a photo of the completed building (beautiful).
Sun is out today after a night of heavy rain....and we have crocuses blooming by the front step. They sure make a point, by being in that frequented spot, that spring is on the way!