Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Writing Challenge: Winter

As winter seems to keep its grip on northern climes, how about some writing about winter? I've issued a challenge on my other blog, "Write Your Life!" ( to write rictameters or other poems, but prose musings about winter are welcome too. Let's write our way into spring!

How about some descriptions of winter in those warmer havens where some of you live? Or write about why you love (or hate) winter. Memories of previous winters are welcome, too.


Anonymous said...


I'm someone who actually likes the northern winter. Here is my attempt at a rictameter:

Is a respite
Under a white blanket.
We warm ourselves and we get strong.
There is a season when we can reach out
To meet the world with new vigor.
Everything will be fresh,
Until the next

Pat Murphy

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Pat! That's great. I'll eventually add it on my other blog. Keep on writing!