Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Few Senior Living Notes

My niece, Cindy, left yesterday after a short visit. She managed to hang many of the pictures and other artifacts that had been cluttering my bathtub and one of the shower stalls. A few bigger works still await hanging, but the place looks much better. It was great to have her here.

My real estate closing is over, and I'm relieved. I now have enough money to pay the rest of my considerable fee here.

I attended my first exercise class yesterday, at the urging of Cindy. I am in sad physical shape, but exercising among other elders certainly beats trying to work out with young, toned Yuppies elsewhere.

Our white tablecloth dining room's charm was enhanced this morning by small vases on the tables, each containing two or three brilliantly-colored flowers. I don't know where they were grown, but those flowers seem to foretell the eventual coming of spring.


Pat's Place said...

Spring is certainly lurking out there. Here in our part of the country everything is bursting into bloom despite the drought.

One Woman's Journey said...

I am so pleased you had company.
The flowers are beautiful. If you will go to the exercise class all you can - I know you will be glad you pursued it.