Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wednesday Morning Musings

Two news stories, one big, one small, caught my attention today. First was the much-reported story of dismal big city public high school graduation rates. Then there was a follow-up to the story of Monday's big Chicago Cubs opening day dedicatiion of a huge statue of Ernie Banks.

It seems that an apostrophe is missing from the inscription: it reads, "Lets play two!" (no apostrophe). The inscription will be corrected. That will be relatively easy. How I wish the high school graduation rate could be fixed so easily.

Still, I'm not sure that graduation from high school means an understanding of apostrophes. I doubt that the inscription engraver was a dropout.

Perhaps only a former English prof would notice or care.

(Note: No computer fix yet, but I'm working on it. I'm still using my laptop, and it's too slow.)


Jerry Waxler said...

Hi Marlys,

My goodness you are a tireless internet networker. I was just mousing around and stumbled on your posts on Amazon. You're everywhere! I have avoided posting much on Amazon because until recently, they made it hard for people to link back from a book review to the reviewer's own site. Do you feel that posting on Amazon has been a good investment of your internet time? Perhaps you could post an essay on this or any other insights you could share about your work on the internet. This is all valuable for those of us who are trying to build our elder micro-communities on the web.

Best wishes,
Jerry Waxler
Memory Writers Network

seniorwriter said...


Yes, I am all over the Internet. I'm not sure specifically what you're referring to on Amazon, but mostly I just post whatever I feel like posting, wherever. When I write a book review for one of my blogs, I usually repost it as a customer review on Amazon. I had two short stories accepted by Amazon Shorts, so I sometimes keep up with that discussion, too. I don't know that I'm "building an elder micro community on the web."

In the terms of those trying to earn a living, I suppose I'm just wasting time--and enjoying it!