Monday, December 17, 2007

Yes, Elders Can Write Too!

You may recall that I've written about my plan to continue blogging as and after I move into my future lifetime care residence, The Clare at Watertower, in a year or so. I like the idea of "telling it like it is" to smash some of the stereotypes about us elders and to let a bit of light into the "dark hole" that retirement buildings of most kinds are perceived to represent. (No, I'm not talking about those Florida golfing communities, although I assume that they produce their own stories.)

I never thought my plan was original, and now I have found a "kindred spirit," age 81, whose blog is about life in her senior residence she calls "The Twilight Zone." Her blog is called "Code Name Nora" at She apparently lives in a senior building very unlike The Clare, but her blog seems authentic. She writes so well, usually in the third person, that some readers have questioned whether she is "real," or really 81. The implication seems to be that no one over 65 or so can possible write so well!

"Nora" admits to using a pseudonym and a composite photo (her head with a Victoria's Secret body), but I believe that she's real. If you ever want some insight into a senior residence and some of the people who live there, check out "Code Name Nora."


lisadunn said...

I'm just thrilled to have found you! I've mentioned your blog at and hope others will read about your experiences in senior housing! Thank you for your contribution to the blog-o-sphere!

seniorwriter said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm not in senior housing yet, but as soon as the Clare high rise is finished, I'll be moving in. Meanwhile, I'll explore the issues involved in a more general way.