Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday Lights from Houston, Texas

I love to look at Christmas lights once a year, and Houston, Texas, is a good place to do it. Yes, there are plenty of lights in and around Chicago, too, but I seldom venture out to see them. In Houston, I can always count on a family drive around the neighborhood.

Fortunately, my brother always brings his complicated camera and knows how to use a tripod and all sorts of fancy photo equipment. My point-and-shoot digital camera doesn't do as well (although it serves me well on my trips because it's so small and easy to carry).

Anyway, here's a look at the Truby home (top) and two neighbors' homes in all their splendor. Note the motorcycling Santa; that house belongs to the neighborhood's female biker.

Photos by John Marshall, December 2007


MotherPie said...

Marlys - we used to live in Houston and the white lights are a theme there that I particularly liked. I bet I can pinpoint the neighborhood by the top photo, in fact. This year I visited my parents in OKC right when the ice storm hit and it looked like a nuclear zone so I was glad to see Dallas, also in white lights for that xmas light fun because mostly in Santa Fe we just have farolitas.

Winter in Houston is one of the best times to visit. Not as hot then!

seniorwriter said...

My niece and her husband, whose house is pictured first, are great believers in white lights. I can't tell you what their neighborhood is called (I've only visited three times), but it's a nice one.

The weather this year was the best I've encountered there during the Christmas season. Previous years, it has been cold, rainy, and excessively humid in various combinations. I'm one of those unusual people who prefers cold weather to humidity, so no southern retirement for me (I don't like the dry southwest much either). To each his or her own!

Thanks for your comments!

MMH said...

Lovely to see Houston lights and know you've been there. I live in Houston, but spend the holidays in the Pacific Northwest with parents, children and grandchildren. Thanks for sharing these photos.