Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas in Texas

Tomorrow I'll be off to Houston, Texas, for Christmas with my niece and her family: Cindy and Scott Truby and their daughter, my grand-niece Lauren. My brother John, Cindy's father, will be there from Utah as well. I'm looking forward to the trip.

As you can see from the 2006 photo below, their family room is an inviting place. I look forward to sitting in one of the recliners, with the pool glistening outside (although it will probably be too cold to bask by the pool much) and the fireplace to provide extra warmth on cool early mornings.

The stockings will be filled on Christmas morning (no, I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I believe in my family) with little "fun" gifts, and I'll enjoy the ritual of opening gifts on Christmas morning.

The "big" gifts are artfully arranged under the Christmas tree in the living room (see above), beautifully wrapped by my niece, who loves to do such things. There will be a lot of wonderful gifts for Lauren, as there should be. I look forward to hearing about her first term at the University of Arizona. She's smart and talented, and I assume she'll have great stories to tell. As a non-shopper who doesn't need anything, I don't expect to give or receive many gifts myself, but I always enjoy seeing the joy of others, especially the younger set. I ordered and sent my modest gifts earlier.

My niece loves to cook, too, so I anticipate overeating and the need to go on a very strict diet once I return home. It's unusual for me to be surrounded by food, but I must say I enjoy it, whatever it's dire effects on my waistline.

For me, Christmas isn't about gifts, decorations, or rushing around. It's about the one time of year I'm likely to be among family for a few days. Loner though I am, I have to admit that Christmas is a highlight of my year. Thanks, Cindy, Scott. and Lauren. Just your inviting me is gift enough!

Will I miss the traditional snowy landscape I'm used to in the midwest? Perhaps a little bit, but it will be a relief not to worry about slipping and falling on icy sidewalks. There will be time enough for that once I return.

Merry Christmas to all. I may send my greetings from Houston, and I promise I'll be back to "serious" blogging about December 27, in time to wish you all a Happy New Year. What would I do without my online family?

I do live a great deal of my life on line, but this is the time to appreciate the real thing. Thanks, Cindy, Scott, and Lauren--and my brother John. I also extend my greetings to my Minnesota family, my nephew John D. and grand-nieces Nicole and Stephanie, and to my more distant relatives scattered about the country.

Photos by the author (2006).

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Anonymous said...

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