Friday, May 15, 2009

Success! The Clarion has Been Published

I wrote earlier about my efforts to begin a residents' newsletter here at The Clare. I'm happy to report that the first issue of The Clarion has come out to raves from residents and staff alike. I received an ovation from the exercise class and congratulations from nearly everyone, including the doorman and the desk clerk. I have a new feeling of elation!

So how did it turn out? There are five pages; participation is limited thus far, so there's too much about me in this issue, but people are now interested. This issue features a short article on moving to The Clare, a report from the chair of the Dining Committee, and introductions to five resident artists and their works, from sculpture to drawing to embroidery. The resident interview is my own self-interview (no others were available yet), and four residents receiving honors and awards from various organizations this spring were mentioned. I even promoted the June 6-7 Printers Row Lit Fest (formerly Printers Row Book Fair).

So far, I have found an art editor and seven interested participants, although not all have had time to contribute yet. I'm planning a staff meeting on June 2 for the June 15 issue. I'm optimistic about the future of The Clarion; I almost feel like I have a job again, and I love it!


One Woman's Journey said...

I am so pleased for you. You put a smile on my face. All is going so well at your new home. I am headed for the country and will have dirt under my nails from all the planting.

Pat's Place said...

Sounds like a great start to me! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! It's great that residents are aware of it and interested--and giving you kudos. Seven people interested in helping seems like a lot, if they follow through. This could be the spark for people interacting more ("Did you see the Clarion?")

Pat M.

Lydia said...

There is such joy and energy in this post that I have actual goosebumps! What a marvelous thing it is that you stuck with your plans to move to The Clare, as you are a vital part of the community there. Congratulations on your leadership role. I am sitting here in Oregon smiling!