Sunday, May 17, 2009

Honors and Awards--Again!

Spring seems to be honors and awards time for many organizaations, associations, and volunteer groups. At least four of us here at The Clare have received awards this spring, and there may be more.

This year, I was again surprised and honored to receive awards in the Illinois Woman's Press Association's Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest. Multiple awards were presented at a luncheon yesterday at the Union League Club. I had been notified that I was a winner, but I was expecting not much more than honorable mention this year; I did less writing than usual in 2008.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive two firsts and one second on my three entrees. Lightening struck a third time when my third book, Elder Expectations: My Life in Rictameters won first in the "Creative Verse: Book or Chapbook of Poetry" category. The other two won firsts in other categories in 2007 and 2008. So now I'm not only a writer; I'm a poet! Now if the literary world would only take note. This book has sold even less well than Reinventing Myself and Seniorwriting. I know of only one person outside my family who has read all three of my books: The Clare's Dining Room Manager. Thanks, Carl. I'm glad I donated a copy of each book to The Clare Library.

Here are the anonymous judge's comments:

"Poet Styne ably summarizes the strengths and joys of her work in the final poem of the tome. Lovely!" (I'm not sure that a 50-some page book qualifies as a tome, but then I am a woman of few words.)

Of course you're not likely to have read or remembered that final poem, so here it is:

My Rictameters

Great art?
No, not these poems
Of mine, and yet if they
Just make you ponder, wonder, think
Or dream, consider your own life or write
A story, draw or paint the truth,
Learn who or what you are,
These poems inspire
Great art.

My other first place award was for "In Defense of Self-Publishing"--Parts I & II" published in my other blog, "Write Your Life!" The category was "Writing for the Web: For Hobby or Special Interest Sites."

The comments on this:

"The author uses the platform well to successfully create an easy-to-read explanation of self-publishing. With clear and focused writing the author put forth good effort in content styling for emphasis, scannability for reading and linking to provide context and additional resources. Excellent potential for more interacftivity through chats or issue focused discussions boards."

You can find these entries here:

Finally, my second place award was for two book reviews here on "Never too Late!": "Aging, Life, and Death: A Book Review" (on Where River Turns to Sky, by Gregg Kleiner (Avon 1996; Perennial paperback 2002) and "Realities of Alzheimer's: A Book Review" (on Measure of the Heart: a Father's Alzheimer's, a Daughter's Return, by Mary Ellen Geist (Springboard 2008). Find these reviews by clicking on the "Book Reviews" label toward the bottom of the sidebar. The category was "Writing for the Web: Commentary (reviews)."

These may be small-time awards, but they make me feel good. Never underestimate the power of honors and awards to make people--especially elders--feel appreciated.

Copyright 2009 by Marlys Marshall Styne


One Woman's Journey said...

These are not small-time awards.
Congratulations. Oh, I wish I could write and express myself like you.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you, and I think the awards are well deserved. Congratulations!
-- Pat M.

compassionate caregiver said...

Oh, congratulations! You really deserve it. I know writing is not easy. Your works will never recognized unless hard work, dedication and passion are infused into it. I really appreciate your book reviews regarding aging and Alzheimer's. These things are not easy to deal with especially for our seniors as well as for the families of these aging baby boomers.

Lydia said...

Congratulations, Marlys! I think it's wonderful that you've been honored with these awards. I agree with the other comment: these are real markers of appreciation for your writing. I'm just thrilled that you received an award for your rictameters. They are special.

Mary said...

Congratulations! You are an inspiration to me to not give up on writing. And I agree, the rictameters are special!

Lauren Truby said...

Congrats Aunt Marlys!
I'm happy to say I have read and enjoyed all of them, and obviously, others do as well :0)

Ralph Ivy said...

I just found your site. Being an elder (70) and an artist (who also likes to write), was looking for bloggers with shared backgrounds, interests.

I like the poem here. Award deserving it is. And not only the words - which are powerful in their own right - but the structure. The visual presentation. It intrigues.

I have no formal knowledge or understanding of the forms of poetry but I do like to play with words. Combine them with images, my visual art work, and enjoy merging the two.

I lived in Chicago in the mid-1960s. My mid-20s. The Near North Side and Old Town. (I was a block down from the Old Town Alehouse - which is still there I understand.) I worked the midnight shift at the Chicago Sun Times in the research department (called the "morgue"). Attended some night classes at the Chicago Art Institute.

Running across your blog triggers many such memories, associations.

Thank you.

seniorwriter said...

Yes, the Alehouse is still there. Did you know the Old Town Pump, on Wells Street near Eugenie (north of North Avenue)? My late husband was a co-owner through the '60's. I live in a Gold Coast senior highrise now, but I spent many, many years in Old Town.

Anonymous said...

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