Thursday, December 18, 2008

Visiting The Clare Again

Yesterday was The Clare's holiday party. I decided to load my walker into my car and head for the building's valet parking service, even though a coctail party is not the best environment for anyone using a walker. I felt awakward and clumsy, but I'm glad I went.

The food was great! I met the head chef, whose size reminded me that if I tried to eat all the available food, I'd soon be as large as he is. At least his size suggests that he's an appreciator of food, if not of the low calorie variety.

The staff was friendly as usual, even bringing me food and wine (did you ever try to carry buffet food while using a walker?), and I talked to several of my future neighbors. I discovered that quite a few of us are still trying to sell houses and condos. I seem to be the only one in that situation who's gambling on a specific moving date. Just daring, I guess.

We were serenaded by Christmas carolers in historic garb. They were very good. The decorations were beautiful. It was a festive occasion.

Toward the end of the party, I decided to take advantage of a partial building tour. I saw the chapel, the gym (not yet equipped), the small swimming pool, various dining rooms, and one model apartment. It was a one-bedroom apartment not much like mine will be, but this was my first chance to see actual living quarters. Again, I was impressed.

It was at the end of the short tour that the only snafu happened: the working elevator suddenly was not working (of the three in the elevator bank, one was out of order at the beginning; another was still being used by the construction crew). For a moment, I paniced; I was in no condition to walk down nine floors. Fortunately, the staff came to our group's rescue and led us to the freight elevator. I got down safely and drove home safely.

Having been pretty much a recluse since my operation, I was tired by this experience, but happy that I ventured out. The Clare is a beautiful building, and my move is only about three weeks away. Will I be ready? Probably not, considering my coming trip to Tulsa for Christmas, but after the boredom of a nursing home, some excitement should be good for me. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Marlys, I'm excited about your move, too! The Clare is far from a typical senior housing situation, but I look forward to hearing about your experience of living there. I can imagine myself making such a move someday. -- Pat Murphy

One Woman's Journey said...

I am so pleased that you went to the Holiday Party. I know I have not felt social these long and dreary days. But if I make myself get out of the house I am always pleased that I did and feel better.
Good luck on your move. If they had something like this in Nashville I might consider it more then a cottage in the woods.
Best Wishes being sent to you on all the future holds.

Jan Heigh said...

I am also glad you went to the party. Especially this time of year it's so helpful to mingle and see others. I'll be checking in to read your further adventures. I found by way of Ronni's blog.

Best wishes,
Jan Heigh

Alice said...

Good luck with the moving venture, the sale of your condo, etc. Hope you have a great time in Tulsa.

Lydia said...

You DROVE home? I'm amazed that you drove to the party! That's terrific, Marlys.

What a great report about your day at The Clare. I'm really getting excited about this for you.

Have a wonderful time in Tulsa. I agree that the excitement will be good for you, more your normal speed!

Happy New Year.