Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Looking on the Bright Side

Anyone reading this blog lately will have concluded that I have been depressed and feeling sorry for myself: two knee replacements, nearly six weeks in a hospital and a nursing home, financial problems, uncertainty, bad weather, an unsold condo, a fall. My list of problems seems to have been getting longer.

In the interest of not being one of those endlessly complaining elders, I have decided to look on the bright side. I will try my best to smile and look forward to happier times.

Perhaps my condo will be sold soon; there have been a few showings lately. That, or possibly a loan, could solve my financial problems.

My move to The Clare on January 9 may work out as scheduled. I have some promises of help, a mover, an organizer, and a sympathetic staff at the Clare.

I visit the surgeon on Thursday. I'm hoping to hear that all is well with my knees. I'm also hoping that I can get into my car and drive to the appointment. That way, I can avoid icy sidewalks.

Christmas is coming. If I can deal with airports and luggage, I will be among extended family. I've always enjoyed Christmas with my niece and her family, as well as my brother. We're not a close family, either geographically or emotionally, but it's fun to get together. I've felt very alone lately.

A new year is on the way. 2008 has been a rather painful and depressing year for me; 2009 can only be better. I have a lot to look forward to. Wish me luck!

(Thanks to my grand-niece, Lauren Truby, for her encouraging comment.)


One Woman's Journey said...

Marlys, I enjoy reading your sharing. Basically because we are near the same age and our lifestyle at the moment is very different. Here I am thinking of building a small home on my country property to be near nature and take nature pictures. My dream of this could stop any time.
I will stay in my home until I think it is better to make a move like what will take place in your life soon. Your condo will sell.
You have shared about the Clare.
Is there a possiblity that there is something almost as nice but less expensive. Just a thought.
You will heal. It just takes time.

naomi dagen bloom said...

Marlys, thanks for visiting my blog and posting about "Housing Ourselves in LateLife."

Any chance that the lifetime care community might adjust its policies about amount needed at move-in? Been reading about situations similar to yours and think these places are going to have to make some changes--for their own survival--to continue being an option for people unable to sell their property.

Hope all went comfortably with the surgeon visit.

yours, naomi

seniorwriter said...

Yes, I have reason to hope that The Clare will adjust its policies until I can sell my condo. I'll find out next week. The visit with the surgeon went well--except that he doesn't like the way I walk. He recommended orthotics for my shoes. I don't think I've walked correctly for years.