Monday, March 24, 2008

Senior Romance? Yes! A Book Review

A review of One Last Dance (Calliope, 2005) by Mardo Williams, with his daughters, Kay Williams & Jerri Williams Lawrence.

This is a romance novel, an "elder lit" romance novel, if such a category existed. Perhaps it should. I applaud older authors (Williams was 92 when he wrote this book), or any authors, for that matter, who treat elders as real people rather than stereotypes and consider them worthy subjects for fiction.

Main characters Morgan and Dixie meet contentiously in an accidental physical collision outside the Whispering Pines senior residence. Morgan, 89, is considering moving to the independent living section, and Dixie, 79, works there part time.

All the usual problems of old age are present: bad previous family relationships, clouded pasts, suspicions, heath and financial issues, loneliness, hopes, plans, disappointments. At 89 and 79, Morgan and Dixie carry much more emotional baggage than most romance novel characters--but fortunately, more spirit and knowledge, much of it experienced-based, as well.

As they tentatively and gradually fall in love, Morgan and Dixie face their challenges together with the eventual help of Morgan's long-lost grandson. Youth and age combine for a positive outlook toward uncertain futures.

My pessimistic side tells me that this book's ending is unrealistic, yet we all can, and should, hope that our dreams will come true if we keep trying. The positive message overshadows doubts.

This skillfully-written book by a former journalist should be required reading for everyone involved in elder caregiving and everyone contemplating the issue of aging. It is honest, informative, and entertaining, a pleasure to read.

The book includes a Reading Group Guide which would seem to make it an excellent choice for Senior--and Boomer--book clubs.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wonderful post on a book I must read. With two decades of elder care under my belt, a book, websites and now officicially having "senior" status myself, I know this is one book I cannot afford to miss. Thanks again for the tip.
Carol Bradley Bursack
Minding Our Elders

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Carol. I hope you enjoy the book.

Magnolia said...


I come to your blog to get encouraged and inspired. You has not disappointed me thus far.

I have not begun to read your book yet, it just recently came. I am looking forward to it.

I want you to know that you have touched a middle aged mom with kids. I need it.

I've struggled with regrets as I'm sure many my age and older do/have. But, I am doing my best to shake them off.

Your blog is helping me to do that.

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, M. I hope I don't disappoint you. Keep being a fan! I need more of you.

Magnolia said...

I'll hang around....don't worry. At the very least can you help me with my grammar and spelling?

Sheesh! How embarrassing is that???