Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I guess this is another of those holidays kept alive by the greeting card companies, but I like the idea of letting one's significant other, if any, know that you love him or her. Appreciation is always in order.

Now, eight years after the death of my own "Valentine," I can only remind those still fortunate enough to have partners to say a simple "I love you!"
My husband Jules and I were not much for exchanging gifts; we were the kind of independent people who always went out and bought ourselves pretty much whatever we wanted. Due to our differences, finding that "perfect gift" was nearly impossible.

On Valentine's Day, we usually ate out at an upscale restaurant (I guess we often ate out anyway, due to my distaste for cooking), and I remember that we usually exchanged Valentine cards. They were simple ones; we were usually too busy to spend much time choosing. We weren't a sentimental pair, but somehow, the valentine sentiments hit the mark. I even created a valentine on my computer occasionally. I wish he were here today so that I could say "I love you" again, but life goes on.

Just remember: it's not the quality of the card or gift that counts, or the number of stars in the restaurant's rating. What really counts are those three little words. Anyone can say them; be sure you do, with feeling. I LOVE YOU!

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