Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On a First Anniversary

Today marks a first anniversary of sorts for this blog. While it began several months earlier, it's been equipped with a free counter since September 26, 2006. A free counter provides limited information, but I find these one-year statistics interesting:

Total page views: 8,974
Total uniques: 4,024
(a "unique" is a visotor who has not visited in the past 24 hours)

Of course I've set no records here; I understand that popular blogs get hundreds or thousands or milions of hits per day, and some visitors probably landed here by mistake. Still, for a casual, personal, non-commercial blog, this one has done surprisingly well, in my opinion. The personal satisfaction is priceless.

How about submitting more comments? I would like to know more about my audience.


Grandad said...

Hiya Marlys!

Have I really visited your site 9,000 times?

And you do not want to know more about me. bad for the health.


seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Grandad. The main things I know about you are that you live in Ireland and have a great sense of humor. Maybe that's enough to know!

Paul @ Elders Tribune said...

Congratulations, Marlys! Statistics show that most bloggers quit after 6 months from the lack of readers. So I guess the most difficult part is over. And now you have a record to break next year!

seniorwriter said...

Thank you. While I write this blog mostly for my own amusement, it is encouraging to know that some people do, indeed, read what I write. I hope I can keep going. It's a great way to keep my mind alert!