Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ageism Lives!

Thanks to Ronni Bennett, of Time Goes By (http://www.timegoesby.net) I have just read the latest entry in The Tattler, a blog by Julian. Be sure to check it out at http://ijulian.blogspot.com/2007/09/age-discrimination-in-hollywoodmovie.html.

It seems that a private movie screening in Hollywood was limited to those between 17 and 50. Why should those over 50 be excluded from anything? According to authorities, there are "nine known major stereotypes that reflect prejudice toward senior citizens." They are illness, impotency, ugliness, mental decline, mental illness, uselessness, isolation, poverty, and depression.

I, for one, object. At nearly 75, I don't fit any of those nine stereotypes. In fact, I reject all stereotypes. It's too easy to dismiss a race, ethnic group, nationality, or religion--or an age group--with a single derogatory word, or nine of them! We are all individuals, all human beings worth listening to, regardless of any label or category we may or may not fit into.

Copyright 2007 by Marlys Marshall Styne


Julian's blog said...

Hi there!
Oh, thanks so much for posting the link.
Your kind words and support were greatly appreciated.
The article continues to garner interest, comments, and thought-provoking insight into the hectic, modern society we inhabit today.
God Bless.

seniorwriter said...

Thank you, Julian. Fighting senior stereotypes is very important to me, perhaps because I'm nearly 75 and still reasonably active.