Monday, August 27, 2007

Must Reading for Baby Boomers

MatchDotBomb (Wheatmark, 2007) is not just for baby boomers; seniors and anyone curious about Internet dating should enjoy it as well. I have also reviewed this book on "Write your Life!" and on

When fellow Chicagoan and IWPA member Francine Pappadis Friedman found herself widowed in her fifties, she was devastated. "When I got married years ago it was 'til death do us part.' I just never counted on that death part." Spurred on by two good friends, Francine, an attractive, hard-working professional woman and fifty-something mother of two grown children, tried the world of Internet dating.

Her encounters with a rogues's gallery of lonely men are hilarious; her dates range from the always-angry, cynical lawyer who sees a potential personal injury suit everywhere and the aging hippie with long white hair, earrings, tattoos, and a motorcycle to the extreme health nut, obviously much older than stated in his on-line profile, who talks only about his diet and exercise regimen. They are all there: the extremely needy, the seemingly deranged, the not-so-funny joker.

Along the way through her journey, Friedman also describes a trip to Greece when she was twelve. It was a family trip to the country and the tiny village where her father was born and raised. Understanding her heritage was important to her life journey, as was reflecting about her happy marriage and family life.

Francine Friendman seems to understand the men she meets very well, but this book is not really about Internet dating. She does not find her soul mate, but along the way, she finds herself. Discovering who we really are and what we really want and acting on that knowledge are what really matter. The author learns this lesson. Her book is about an awakening and about following one's own dreams.

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