Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ireland has Bloggers Too!

Thanks to fellow Chicago area writer Cheryl Hagedorn (Park Ridge: a Senior Center Murder), I have found a fascinating Dublin blogger. The blog is called "Head Rambles: Rambles around the Head of an Irish Senior Citizen." Check out this blog at


Grandad said...

Hi Marlys,

Thanks for the post.

I'm not sure I'd describe my blog as 'fascinating' [unless, of course you are doing a thesis on paranoia or delusional behaviour!!].

I started blogging last year as a sort of catharsis, but the darn thing seems to have developed a life of its own. Nothing I write comes out quite as I expect it to.



seniorwriter said...

Thanks for your comment, Grandad. I, too, started blogging last year, and interest keeps growing (although I've not been featured on TV, as you have). My blog is more serious (I guess I'm a serious person), but I love writing it. And I do have a sense of humor!