Sunday, May 20, 2007

Awards and Good Feelings: the IWPA Awards Luncheon

It's official: both my book, Reinventing Myself: Memoirs of a Retired Professor, and this blog, "Never too Late!" were awarded first place in their respective categories in the IWPA's Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest yesterday. Both will go on to the National Federation of Press Women's national contest. Winning awards, whether major or minor, feels good! For more on the luncheon, read on.

On May 19, 2007, the Illinois Woman's Press Association (Incorporated 1907) held its annual awards luncheon at Chicago's Union League Club. The food, the conversation, and the address by sports writer Melissa Isaacson, of the Chicago Tribune, were all excellent. The main purpose of the meeting was to present awards to high school journalists and IWPA members.

I was especially impressed by the young student winners, who told a bit about their entries. They were bright and articulate and charming. They gave me hope for the future, especially the future of journalism and writing/photography in general.

Of course my fellow IWPA members were impressive too. These are the women who work "in the trenches" of journalism, public relations, advertising, and related fields, and they can and do write very well indeed! They make me wish that I'd had the courage to write more when I was younger, but as my blog title says, "It's Never too Late!" Today, I feel like a writer.

Come see me at the IWPA booth at the Printer's Row Book Fair on June 9.

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Cheryl Hagedorn said...

Congratulations! How nice to be recognized for your hard work.

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Cheryl. We should get together sometime to talk about your book, mine, etc. (I've read your "Park Ridge" murders).