Monday, March 05, 2007

Another Brief Update: Diet and Weather

The sun is shining in Chicago, and the sky is blue. Is it waarm? No, but a day like today restores my faith that spring really is on the way. Warmer weather is forecast for the end of the week (perhaps minor snow, too, but I'll try to ignore that).

Virtually all of the snow and ice are gone, I'm feeling much better, and I'm happy to say that I was able to do twenty minutes on my recumbent exercise bike plus a walk around the block today! That may not sound like much if you're young, but considering my recent problems, it's great. Things are looking up.

There's good news on the diet front, too. I've lost a total of about twelve pounds so far during 2007, despite a few eating binges and too much inactivity. Medifast is working for me, and I find it relatively easy to follow the rules. Fortunately, I like veggies (and oatmeal, too). Remember that losing weight is a very individual matter; see my earlier post on the topic. My purpose in writing this is just to keep myself on track, at least until my trip to Ireland in late April.

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