Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Joys of City Living

Occasionally I stop whatever I'm doing (if anything) to look around and think about the advantages of living on the 35th floor of a highrise building, with a Lake Michigan view.

This has been a good week so far: it's time for the Tall Ship festival, which brings 20 beautiful sailing vessels to Navy Pier. While other tall buildings block my view of nearby Navy Pier, I was able to observe part of a parade of the ships on Tuesday evening: all sizes and shapes, the ships seemed to be reminders of a romantic past. They are very impressive.

To make matters even better, I heard the sound of fireworks about nine o'clock Tuesday night, and again Wednesday. For once, the fireworks were directly in my line of sight over the lake, and they were spectacular. I hope they continue every night. There's something about elaborate fireworks displays that makes me feel good. Yes, there's "medicine" in living near the lake.


troutbirder said...

I love the tall ships and fireworks over the water. You do have a great view!

Adarlene said...

I'm so glad to hear from you! Your mentioning the "medicine" of Lake Michigan made me long to see it again. I plan to visit my 91 years old aunt in Chicago in late September and will enjoy its beauty then.
Best wishes to you,

Lydia said...

It sounds so exciting, really. I'm glad to hear that you are appreciating the various joys of living there, and it is so good having a post from you.