Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another Christmas in Tulsa!

I'm spending a second Christmas in Tulsa with my niece Cindy and her family. How fortunate I am to have at least the remnants of a family to spend the holidays with! Being old and childless can send me into a deep depression, so Cindy's invitation is wonderful. My brother (Cindy's father) comes here from Utah, and we always have a good, if quiet, time.
There comes a time when the old childhood home is gone, the parents are long gone, and it's time for new traditions. Cindy loves Christmas; she always has a lovely tree surrounded by a lot of presents, and she cooks up a storm. Her food is too tempting for my fat body, but it's certainly enjoyable.
I seldom do any decorating or gift buying on my own, so I really appreciate this new holiday tradition, transported here from Houston, where Cindy used to live. Even as we wait for a predicted snow storm, the fireplaces burn cheerfully and the Christmas carols play. I can feel a bit of Christmas spirit just beginning to affect me. Happy holidays to all, and a great 2010!


Lauren Truby said...

Aunt Maryls, it is always a pleasure to have you here! I am so glad you were able to come again this year. Mom sure does love Christmas, but it would not be the same if we were not surrounded by family and friends. Looking forward to spending more time with you before you head back to Chicago!

Lydia said...

Happy Holidays to you, Marlys! I am thrilled to read that you are with your niece again this year, as she sounds like a Christmas angel in many ways. Have a wonderful visit!

One Woman's Journey said...

Happy Holidays and Blessings sent to you, Marlys. Have a safe trip back to Chicago. We have so much to be thankful for!!

Pat's Place said...

Hope your holiday is great and you survive travel in this winter weather!