Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Birthday!

Another Birthday! I really don't look forward to birthdays anymore, now that the number has crept up (this is my 77th). Birthdays were never very special in my family, at least until my late mother reached her nineties. Then the scattered family gathered to wish her well, at least for as long as she was in shape to appreciate our visits. We didn't celebrate her final birthday, her ninety-fifth, because she wouldn't have recognized us or appreciated the gesture. We gathered later in the year for her funeral.

As for me, I don't remember anyone making a fuss about my birthday. In later years, however, two old friends have made a point of taking me out to dinner on the occasion, one on the day and one the day before or after. I have really appreciated that. This year, one of them is taking me to the nearby Penninsula Hotel for afternoon tea; that will be a pleasant change, although it may ruin my diet. My only other planned activity is getting a seasonal flu shot here in the building.

Not being an especially friendly or social person, I've never had a large group of friends give me a surprise birthday party, and I've never expected one. My few relatives are all in other states. I'm content to be here at The Clare, alone yet not alone. My birthday somehow makes me uncomfortable (my late husband used to give me a card and take me out to dinner), but at least I'll get a chance to talk to an old friend (who lives in the suburbs, by the way). I have no complaints. I've had a couple of good wishes from Internet friends. Thank you. Let's hope that I live to celebrate more birthdays in good health!


Nancy said...

I count myself an internet friend, though I haven't commented much. I do hope you have a happy birthday. My 78th is coming up in November; my husband is already there.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope you have many more healthy birthdays! Sorry, Marlys, I can't think of you as old. 77 is just starting to be old. Please don't buy into that. Love, Pat

HarryLou said...

Happy Birthday...

Christine said...


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Alice said...

I'd be interested in hearing from about your not being especially friendly or sociable. Do you view that as a positive or a negative now that you're older? Was it on purpose? Or was it shyness you presented as aloofness? It was a good blog post I think, especially under the "never too late" theme.