Saturday, January 17, 2009

The "Joys" of Moving

As a person who likes to have everything organized and neatly arranged (even though I procrastinate about such things and had an efficient crew to unpack my worldly goods after my move), I still have had a few uncomfortable moments.

1. I discovered that I don't have enough wall space for my wall decorations and art collection. My carefully-wrapped pictures and mirrors are still filling my bathtub and one of the shower stalls.

2. The three large boxes of books intended for The Clare library turned up in the shower stall, too.

3. I have a few extras to go to my storage compartment, but there's a catch: I can get those things carted away, but only if I can provide a padlock. I don't have one, and haven't been able to go out shopping for one yet due to the weather. These large items are still cluttering my living room.

4. In my office, the cable connection turned out to be on the wall opposite my computer desk rather than the wall behind it. My computer cables and other gear were jumbled in a box in the closet. No wonder I had to hire a technician for more than four hours to get me on line again.

5. I'm an avid reader of the Chicago Tribune, so of course I called to transfer my home delivery subscription to The Clare. For days, it didn't show up. Thanks to the building concierge (yes, we have one) I finally got a paper yesterday, and today's arrived at my 35th floor door early in the morning without incident. I'm turned in to the world again. Despite my computer, I still like to sit down and read a newspaper every day.

6. Since I didn't put my own things away, there are still a few things I haven't found, but that means I have surprises every day. I still haven't found my little booklets of postage stamps, for example. I seem to recall writing earlier about the tyranny of "stuff." I have too much of it.

As you can see, my annoyances have been minor. My lovely apartment and magnificent lake view (see a previous post) make living here a joy. The dining is gourmet quality; there's a weekly cleaning service. This is high-end senior living. Now if the economy will just improve, I'll be better able to afford it. I'll take more pictures later.


honesty said...

How nice to find you here, after I Googled "tap dancing after knee replacement". I just read all of your blogs back to 2006. You see, I'm 58, my husband is 65, and we are beginning to think about "the rest of our lives"...our future care, health, etc. I had a total knee replacement on June 18, 2008. Then on New Year's Eve this year I had the second knee replaced.

I enjoyed reading your experiences with moving, your husband's death, the phases that led to your living at the Clare (which is very nice). So much to consider.

I agree, this part of life that they call the golden years isn't about the "ego driven" events. It's about caring for each other, living meaningful days, enjoying every minute of life in ways we never could. Until I went through many life experiences, I really didn't know so much about life, and the hows and whys of its enjoyment.

You are one brave woman to have both knees done at once. I would have died! I have not taken a walk in 15 years. That is my wish: to take walks with my husband again. We have plans! He just retired. He's the old goat and I'm the one who falls apart physically for mostly genetic reasons. I am a cancer survivor too (5 yrs.).

Good talking to you. Laura in NC

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Laura. Yes, having both knees done at once was a real challenge, and I've still not recovered completely. I'm back in physical therapy now; I interrupted it over the holidays and moving time. I hope to walk well by spring!

Making a decision about retirement living is difficult. I'm happy with my choice, but with the economic downturn, I'm living in a beautiful place I can't really afford. I hope it all works out.

I'm about to get back to blogging more frequently (I hope), so I hope you'll keep coming back here.


Lydia said...

O, Marlys, I'm catching my breath after reading this post! It's chaotic to be sure, but it also sounds so darned exciting to me! (I agree about reading a paper everyday, a must-do.)

seniorwriter said...

Thanks for your comments, Lydia. I'm gradually "settling in," but moving is, indeed, chaotic.