Friday, September 12, 2008

Facing Knee Replacement Surgery

Well, it's finally going to happen. I've had "bad knees," or at least one, since the 1980's. I had arthroscopic surgery in 1984, and after a temporary respite, things just keep getting worse. My left knee eventually became just as sore and disfunctional as the right. The problems, of course, are arthritis and advancing age. My late mother had the same problems. I've had all the exercises and therapy, but I've finally reached the stage where walking is nearly impossible, even with the stiff-legged gait I've developed over time (no wonder I tend to fall down occasionally).

Anyway, I finally got up the courage to talk to my primary care physician about this (she had been aware of my condition for years, and had urged me to see a knee surgeon), and this time I listened. This week, I actually followed her advice. The x-rays looked awful, and surgery was strongly recommended. It's that or a wheelchair.

So finally I'm scheduled for double knee replacements on October 6. There are a lot of problems, one being that since I live alone far from family and without available close friends, I don't have the usual caregivers. I'll need to move to a rehab center for longer than usual. My doctor has promised to arrange such things. Also, my move to The Clare is tentatively scheduled for mid- to late December, and my condo hasn't been sold yet. That's too much uncertainty for me. Not to mention that I'll be grounded for my 76th birthday on October 12.

As usual, I need to look at the brighter side: I have a few good (although busy) friends who will help if and when they can. They are concerned, as are my far-away relatives. I'm not as isolated as I thought. Also, I hope to have computer access fairly soon after the operation, so I should have a lot to write about. I've heard a lot of stories from people who have had such operations, and most have been positive. I'll get through this; now it's the waiting that bothers me. Time to get a lot of things done! I'll blog my way through this, trying to follow my own advice about "Writing to heal."

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One Woman's Journey said...

Marly, I will remember you when this surgery takes place. I had the same surgery on my left knee 3years ago. They said I had torn the cartilage. I can identify with you being alone. This is the reason I relocated to the city and left my small town home. Kept thinking of the future and that I needed to be near my children. I am not ready for a condo as of yet because I still love to garden.
My new journal documents a lot of this move. But it was difficult to move from all that was familar.
I am so fortunate that my home sold in 2 weeks and I found a lot and built this smaller home and was in within 6 months. Now here one year. Enough sharing
Again, I will be thinking of you.

Pat's Place said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I have had both hips replaced and the first few weeks are tough, but then it is WONDERFUL! I have a friend who is 80 and had both knees done at once so she could go back to golf and tap dancing. She had to work hard at rehab for about 6 months and then was back better than ever! You can do it too--and you will be SO GLAD when it is all behind you!

francessa said...

Marlys, I will think of you on October 6 and will keep my fingers crossed for you! Everything will turn out well, I'm sure!