Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog News and Statistics

One bit of interesting news and a few statistics:

1. A second favorable review of my little poetry book, Elder Expectations: My Life in Rictameters just appeared on Pat's Place blog. To read it, go to http://atpatsplace.blogspot.com/2008/07/interesting-book.html.

2. Sometime yesterday, the total number of hits or page views for "Never too Late!" passed 25,000. Since that covers the period beginning September 26, 2006, it's certainly no record. However, that seems like a lot to me for a non-commercial blog. It's gratifying to think about so many people encountering my blog. It gladdens this senior's heart. I guess I find joy in simply things, surely a good trait at my age. As I've said before, blogging is fun!

1 comment:

Barbara J. Kirby Davis said...

I enjoy your blog and read it whenever something new is posted.
I completely understand when you say "blogging is fun". I try to write daily and look forward to getting to my laptop each morning. I certainly appreciate your mention of my own blog entry,"Why I Blog" a few weeks ago.
Keep writing...we certainly enjoy your work.