Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Older Women Looking for Romance? One Man's Opinion

Thanks to Ronni Bennett of "Time Goes By" (, here is a posting by The Old Rogue entitled "Why do Older Guys Like Younger Women?" If you're an older woman, you may have some comments to make, as Ronni has! Here is a quote from Old
Rogue. The link below will take you to the entire article.

"I've read a few posts from whiny women on other blogs about how pissed off they are because all the single men their age are looking for a younger woman. They say things like: 'Are they intimidated by us?' 'Are they suffering a mid-life crisis?' 'Don't they realize that younger women are just interested in their wallets?'

’”Most of you have bags under your eyes, wrinkly skin, stretch marks, and no matter how much you work out at the gym, your body pales in comparison to someone in their 20s or 30s. Besides, you probably have attitude and men hate women with attitudes.

"So quit the whining ladies and accept the facts. If someone your age has money, he isn't going to be interested in you."


Barbara said...

Nothing can be done for this. Some things just are. The basic tenet is look at yourself, like yourself, take care of yourself physically and mentally. Go where there are other people and socialize with them.

But the basic rule is: DO NOT WHINE!!!! There will be no whining!!!! Proud women do not whine!!!


seniorwriter said...

I agree. I'm doing just fine on my own, and I wouldn't be any more interested in that guy than he would be in me.